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Running a successful Facebook sweekstake

Running a Facebook sweepstake or competition is a fantastic way to build your online following, more followers = more customers, what have you got to loose?

Before running your promotion, a bit of time spent preparing could make your promotion so much more successful, check out the following tips before you get started with your Facebook competition.

1. What do you want to acheive from your Facebook competition?

More likes? More newsletter subscribers? More tweets and people buzzing about your company? The goal of you Facebook promotion can dictate what kind of Facebook promotion you will run, You may want to give away free samples or voucher codes, and choose a 'Giveaway' type Facebook promotion.

If your main aim is to get more Facebook likes, make sure you enforce fangating - like to enter on your promotion, plus you woun't need to collect as much information on your entry form.

2. Which type of promotion suits you best?

Facebook sweepstakes aree a great way of building a list of competition entries, whereas instant win competitions will keep your fans coming back again and again, if you want your readers to really engage with your company or brand, run a Facebook photo or essay competition and ask your readers to photograph themselves using their favourite products showing how they interact with your brand, it's great fun for your entrants and offers you an invaluable insight into your customers.

3. Pick a prize, any prize, loads of prizes...

Win an iPad or a family holiday to Disneyland!!! Your prize doesn't have to be big and impressive to get your readers interest, often the best prizes are the ones that are the most relevant to your company or brand - Run a beauty salon? Offer free treatments as a prize, own a photography studio? your prize could be a free photography session.

You can choose as many different prizes as you want, the more prizes, the more enticing your Facebook competition will be, e.g. you can pick 3 first prizes, 10 second prizes and so on.

Remeber, your prize should be appealing to your readers and even topical to the time of year, your readers demographic - age, sex and location, if you do let your readers win a holiday, don't forget to let us know!

4. Decide what information you want to collect

It may be tempting to tick every single field when building your entry form, but remember, the more information you ask for, the less likely your readers will be to enter, savy internet users value their privacy and asking for details that aren't relevant will put some people off entering your competition.

You'll need at least name and an email address for your Facebook competition, location may also be useful, and if you want to capture your readers mobile numbers, make sure you let them know why and whether or not you'll be using their mobile number for future promotions.

5. Tell the world about it!

There's no point running a Facebook competition if no-one knows about it! Once you've finished creating your Facebook competition, you should tweet the world, add a link to your website and send it out to your email newsletter subscribers. Let your entrants know when the competition finishes and prompt them to retur to your Facebook page to check winners details.

Advantage 360 comes with a number of widgets to help you promote your Facebook competition, including javascript widgets to place a banner on your website.

6. Celebrate!

Once your competition has finished, the only thing left to do is pick your winner or winners, don't forget to post your winners details on your Facebook page to show the world how thrilled they are, if possible, get a quote.

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